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Lag'm Gbaai
posted by : Napari Kantama
email: naazakali@yahoo.com
Negotiated Settlement is the surest way to settle once and for all the age-old troubles with the Nam in Dagbon. Selfish trouble mongers should be cast into the dustbin of history by the royals and the Traditional council. Another thing, the current event is a clear manifestation of serious contradictions in the chieftancy institution.Even in the twenty-first century Dagbon Nanima have not accepted the need to be accountable to those they lead.Nanima still isolate the central gov't from their programmes(not even in the many years rule of the Lem Gomdanti). pretending to be living in their own holes where they virtually fell self conceited. these are signs that we are still not ready to get along with other serious ethnic groups like the Kambonsi. Here at Kumahi, leaders annually account stool resource to the people, leaders are visionaries and inculcate useful democratic elements into their gorvenance process. but do we see in Dagbon? Nag'chin'nanima who are supposed to galvanised the youth for the development process have ended being obstacles to the process themselves. It is only in Tamale that entertainment is not allowed at public functions like outdooring. We appear to be far away from civilisation. we only wait to be burried.

Yaa-Naa Yakubu Andani 11 Gubli,kuri kadara, he is layed to rest
posted by : Fuseini Yakubu
email: still_bondaly@yahoo.com
My name is Fuseini Yakubu and i thought it wise to present my message to the authorities of Ghana for helping the Andanis to put Yaa Yakubu Andani 11 to a place a where murderers,calous,vicious and all sort of evil actions that culminated to his death is not there.He is now buried in a place where president and his vice are not there to add more pains to this innocent body of the most and highly respected king ever exist in the history of Dagbon.Allahu-Akbar.Yaa Yakubu Andani Gubli please we share your pains,we know how you feel for this betrayel not only from Dagombas but other chiefs in Ghana who hate you because of your diginity. Go well,sleep there,justice is there for you.I can see you smiling why Yaa Yakubu Andani?can you tell me why you are now smiling?i guest where you are now there is no human law,there is no soldiers,there is no traitors. Your death is a disgrace to our kingdom?what impact will be on Dangbon? Wait for us because it has left with us a few time we will join you so that you can pinpoint to us those who betrayed and those who make you to leave this world. May Allah blessing and mercy be on your soul. Assalamu Alaikum The Chairman of Gungbini NDC Youth Wing Tamale. Fuseini Yakubu

Do you need your announcement deleted
posted by : admin
email: dagbon@dagbon.net
Mmabihi, if you have posted a message on Dagbon Message Board and want it deleted for some reason send an email to dagbon@dagbon.net. Make sure the email includes has the headline of the announcement and the user email address.

Looking for a handsome man to marry
posted by : Miss Aliyatu
email: ladywuntia@yahoo.com
I am a young, beautiful and sexy Dagomba lady of 25 years gainfully employed. I am looking for a man between the ages of 30-50 years for a good time leading to who-knows-what!!!! This man should be ready to make me see his significance in my life. I have lived a dependent life and i do everything for myself. Therefore, if you are my dream man, you should be ready to make yourself significant in my life. I am not looking for someone who is only interested in the SEX aspect of a relationship but all its incumberances... you know what i mean. You should be ready to take up certain things as a young lady i'm used to doing on my own as a dependent person. So if you are interested, Only serious minded people should send mail .

Searching for a lover
posted by : Adam Yelizoo
email: luvsearch2006@yahoo.com
A financially stable man is looking for a lady from Dagbon for a long-term relationship. She must be 25-30 yrs old and must have at least SSS education. Interested ladies can contact me by mail through the email address: luvsearch2006@yahoo.com

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