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posted by : HARRUNA
email: harruna@ntlworld.com

web masters should encorrage touris or visitors to the Region in General, particulaly the city of Tamale. by putting pictures of the nice place in th
posted by : Nabila
email: Dahanshali

web masters should encorrage touris or visitors to the Region in General, particulaly the city of Tamale. by putting pictures of the nice place in the City ( metropolis)
posted by :
I appeal to webmaster who are working towards North and Tamale to help keep the good name of the city and the Region in. general. when you look at those web site you will not see any attractive picture on it. unless where people don't expect to see. and commending on that pictures that that is how tamale and it surroundings are. and that is not true. even I left the country for a long time there are many nice attractive places which should be snap and put in web sites. yes that should be done. to let people who are out side know that the region is up going.

Aninwula m mabihi Dagbamba
posted by : Joshua Mohammed
Di ninma nyagsim pam Naawuni ni lihi ka guli ti hali ti paai yuuni 2008 maa. Dahinsheli kani ka ti ni lahi nya 2007 yaha. To amaa, 2008 mini yuma din kanna nyela tin' yen nya, Naawuni yi tit' alaafee. Dagbon nyela ti zaa ni su sheli. Di yi viella, tinim yen di nyagisim, ka di yi be, tinim yen di wahala. Dinzugu, bo n-lee yen tagi m-mina ka ti ku bo so shenga din ni che ka Dagbon yuli nya jilima dundongni mini samban' ni? Dagbon tooni chendi yen yila ti zaa sani na.

A yi lihi lebgimsim polo, ti nyela ben na kuli be nyaanga kaman gbuna la. To amaa "soli yi bi gon, tin nya tab' kpaya." Naawuni tim ti yin' kam yem, suhudoo, ka maai ti suhiri din ni che ka ti che tab' taya pang taba ka bo maligu ti Dagbon din ni che ka ti dimnim ku lahi lihi ti ninshenga(spelling?) din bi nin kamaata. Naawuni sonmiya zan chan tuun kara shenga yi ni tumdi maa. M puri Dagbon zaa ni ti yuum palli. Naawuni zom ti nambogu ka titi nasara ti dimnim zugu. M bela sikuri America tingbon ni.

Deaths of US Navy Sailors Remain a Mystery
posted by : Dawuni
The U.S. Embassy in Ghana opened an investigation into the deaths of two U.S. Navy sailors in Accra.

Their bodies were found in their room at the La Palm Beach Hotel in Accra on New Year's Eve, at the Tema Naval Base, about 18 miles from the capital.

There was no evidence of a robbery or of an attack on the sailors , said an official, who did not want to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

The bodies will be flown to Germany for toxicology tests, but the U.S. Navy does not suspect foul play.

The sailors were stationed aboard the amphibious USS Fort McHenry, which is on a seven-month voyage through the Gulf of Guinea aimed at training local law enforcement on maritime security.

"Three of them went out and checked in at La Palm Beach Hotel on Dec. 31 and on the next day, the third sailor found the two dead in their rooms and duly reported this to the hotel authorities," the official said.

"There's no immediate evidence" of foul play, Lt. Patrick Foughty, a spokesman for the 6th Fleet in Naples, Italy, told a newspaper.

hello to my friends in the North-side
posted by : Aliu Sisu (Toxic)
I am so happy, and I want to used this oppotunity to say hello to my following friends in the North-side. my first greetings goes to kawas-stone, how are you doing? also dj yamoo, kalouse, and Al-hassan suhiyini. my next greetings also goes to my parents Madam hawa who works in town-n-countary planning, also to my dad-Mr al-hassan(santana)and my aunty-sister baby(B-JAT) near aboubu market. Am outside Ghana, also am happy for Dagbon.net may the lord God keep it long life.

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