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Should the final funeral rites of Yaa Na Mahamadu Abdulai be performed in the Gbewaa Palace?
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Greetings to All
posted by : Al-hassan Aliu Sisu (Tox
email: ost_n_found1m1@yahoo.com
I am so happy, and I want to used this oppotunity to say hello to my following friends in the North-side. my first greetings goes to kawas-stone, how are you doing? also dj yamoo, kalouse, and Al-hassan suhiyini. my next greetings also goes to my parents Madam hawa who works in town-n-countary planning, also to my dad-Mr al-hassan(santana)and my aunty-sister baby(B-JAT) near aboubu market. Am outside Ghana, also am happy for Dagbon.net may the lord God keep it long life.

web masters should encorrage touris or visitors to to the Region in General, particulaly the city of Tamale.
posted by : Suhi Doo
I appeal to webmaster who are working towards North and Tamale to help keep the good name of the city and the Region in. general. when you look at those web site you will not see any attractive picture on it. unless where people don't expect to see. and commending on that pictures that that is how tamale and it surroundings are. and that is not true. even I left the country for a long time there are many nice attractive places which should be snap and put in web sites. yes that should be done. to let people who are out side know that the region is up going.

Niti yuun palli ( Naawni timti suhidoo ni Nangbanyini )
posted by : Wunnam
email: husain_2264@hotmail.com
Npilya Ni Naawuni Yuli
Niti Yuum Palli,

Nmali Npuhiri Sung Npuhiri Dagbon Mampurugu, Nanung Zaa,Kankan puya naa Gbanlana, Gukpegu Gban lana, Tinanima, Ti Da-alfanima (Nnindi Afa Seidu Maraaba ),Government Fukumsi kpanbala Jilma la Alhaji Mustapha Ali, Ni osondiba Naawuni Sonya gbubbu ni malbu.
Naawuni Sonyba ni gbibibu ni Malbu, Naawuni ni mal Dagbon ti, Hnunkam Bori ni Dagbon mali Nawuni Sonmo, bammi jemalgu Naawuni miba garti odi tiba Nasara. Naawuni La-ammi tinoya zayini Kamal ting ti kpiimbu zugu.

special person to share my life!
posted by : Alia
email: Ramaalia@yahoo.co.uk
Looking for an honest man with a job to share my life with. Age 40-46. Must live in Uk or London area will be nice as I live in London. serious person only pls. A picture would be appreciated.

Help Tamale Hospital
posted by : Youth Empowerment
email: Youth Empowerment [eqycc@yahoo.com]
Youth Empowerment a local NGO based in Tamale in collaboration with the Traditional Leaders, Concernd Citizens of Tamale and the Northern Regional Coordinating Council has come out to contirbute and buy a Generator for the Tamale Teaching Hospital to auguiment the Power crises.

An Indipendamt Committee is formed and an Account has been opened with the Tamale branch of the Starndared Chartered Bank Dapped - Tamale Regional Hospital Generator Fund. Accounts Number 0100170924400. Help contribute sons of the North where ever you are. Thank and God bless you all.

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