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Suhi doo
posted by : Kingdom of saudi Arabia
I apreciate what you people are doing towards North and The Great Dagbon. I am proud of the web site God bless you all. and help further. I am proud to see my self A dagomba I am proud of the Great Dagbon God Bless the six Dagombers ( dagombers, Mumprusi, Nanumbers, Moshie, frafra, Gurusi......)
Naawuni Gaafara Dagbon ni ti tooni Inshaa Allah

abdullah saleh abdul rahman
posted by :
i am very proud of dagbon net, please keep it up may Allah bless dagbon and dagombas

Gadama sisu
posted by : Libya
I sincerelly appreciate and happy about this believed and trusted that, the whold world recieved it in net as i recieved my own.
I onecely appreciate this our beloved,because some peoples left Ghana particulally northern side(Tamale)for long time(may be some 20 years), they never knows what is happining in Ghana(North_Tamale), never know the history of Dagbon.
But, as at now we got this site( make us to remember our Mother land Ghana particulally northen rigion,also we listing to our Dagbon kuya(music),infact we enjoy this site soo called Gadama (sisu) in sagnarigu. i will also like to use this oppotunity(this site)to greet my love friends in tamale, yaw from sagnarigu,issah,madam helen she is my mum and mr. alhassan(santana)at oxfarm GB.I ALSO greet all the DJ\"S IN TAMALE KAWAWA, KALOS AND YAMUSSAH and my friends. am in LIBYA NOW . I LOVE DAGBON AND MAY ALLAH GIVES US PEACE AND UNITY AMEN.

posted by :
I liked your site. Very useful resource. THE BEST.



Gloria Lamisi Danaba
posted by : Accra
I am very happy that i have read a lot of news from home.Keep up the good workes.No matter were i go, i will always talk about home cos home sweet home.

posted by : The Gambia
As the matter of the fact that we can never afford to forget of our roots and our responsibilities,we need to work collectively as one family as it use to be for the betterment of both we the present and the next generation to come.And the great% of re_uniting dabgon lies in the hands of we the youth,please my advice to my brothers and sisters let us try to abstain and refrain from all forms of abusive and inflamatory remarks so as to sparkle the fragile peace returning to the kingdom. Issahaku (dothedo)

posted by :
I enjoyed your page. Keep up the good work!

abdul ganiyu bangaham seidu
posted by :
just to say hi to all mmabihi.

Issahaku Mohammed
posted by : The Gambia
I wish u all happy edil adha peace and prosperity of the entre dagbon from the Gambia

Yakubu Abdul Baswit (Alhaji Bundoos or Abass carpinter)
posted by : Ghana Tamale
Hello Dagbon members,
The day have now rimembring me to tell dagomba,s to for give and for get, problems every time will not leed su any were and if we need dagbon to be strong always then we to for give and forget come to getther as one and dagbon will definetlly come well by the the grac of Allah. May Allah bring piec to dagbon traditional area ameeeeeeeeeen. Wrote by Alhaji Bundoos from libya jamahariya.

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