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Dr. D -USA
posted by : Southeastern USA
Friend of family member of late Yaa Na. Let no more die in vain. Great to be proud,foolish to live in the past. Stay proud and move forward. Stop fighting and get no place. Ghana will grow with or without Dagbon people. Only Dagbon people can make the growth choice. Choose progress. Peace and Blessings. Doctor.

Mutaru Mumuni
posted by : Tamale
I am very glad that a website like this is operating in the name and interest of the North. I thank greatly for that. I wish and hope that will serve us well and play a significant role in attaining development and peace for Dagbon and the Northern Region in General. Naawuni deemi suhugu!

Dagban doo
posted by : Dagbon
This is to let you guys know that we cherish all you do. More grease to you shoulders

gafar tanko
posted by : manazuru japan
Happy new year, May the blessings of the almighty be with you and the entire staff of this fantastic web page. Jah bless

posted by : GERMANY
Hi brorhers! just Just to say great job,may Allah help you feather, and may peace prevail in our belove Dagbon. May God bless Dagbon.

Abukari E.Tarantula
posted by : Tamale
Nuff respect to Dagbon net.I really proud to be a Dagomba.And will forever be a dagomba I will always fight to achieve long lasting peace and total development of Dagbon. Dagombas both Home and abroad i love all,Greetings to you all.STAY UNITED NOW AND FOREVER!

salifu mariama naama
posted by :
Iam very happy to be a pure Dagomba.And hope every dagomba will be proud to be one,because most dagombas when their are in the mist of tribe they want to be southerners and is very disgraceful.but I don't think such people are Dagombas but maybe mix or settled in dagbon.My belove dagombas lets be proud of our origin.

doo xakali
posted by : kumahi, ghana
dagbamba should begin to look at their attitude towards education as a whole instead of merely getting their wards enrolled in the schools wnhichis not enough without the complement of private studies at home after school. ni yi tuma pam ni wumbu.

Hamza Ismaila
posted by : KNUST, Kumasi
Log on daily to get abreast with what goes on from I hail.

posted by : nungua
great work

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