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Yes9 (25.7%)
No15 (42.9%)
What is Dagbon Forum?10 (28.6%)

Older Polls

Should the final funeral rites of Yaa Na Mahamadu Abdulai be performed in the Gbewaa Palace?
Yes234 (67.8%)
No96 (27.8%)

Would you travel to Yendi to celebrate Damba Festival?
Yes60 (65.9%)
No24 (26.4%)

Where would you like to see Damba 2014 held
New York/New Jersey69 (38.8%)
Atlanta27 (15.2%)
Chicago14 (7.9%)
Washington D.C.35 (19.7%)
Toronto16 (9.0%)
Montreal12 (6.7%)

Which festival is most representative of Northern culture?
Bugum (Fire) Festival21 (27.3%)
Damba Festival43 (55.8%)
Yam Festival6 (7.8%)
Eid ul Adha5 (6.5%)

Will President John Mahama's Election result in Northern Development?
Yes59 (74.7%)
No20 (25.3%)

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