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AblaiMaleBorrowed form of Arabic name Abdullah (slave of God). Also see Abudu"
AbuduMaleBorrowed form of Arabic name Abdul-lahi (slave of God)
AdinipuyaMind your own
AkoYou alone
AlkaliMalea judge
AmamaFemaleHouse Bird
AnamzooyaMaleGod is powerful (great) sovereign. Another variant is Namzooya
AndaniMaleMeaning pending
AntinirboMale How can you satisfy a human being? (What can you give humans to satisfy them)
ApushimboUnisexa puli shini bo?
ArisheFemaleBorrowed form of Arabic name Aisha. Also see Ashetu. Can sometimes be written and pronounced Adishe""
AsuroMaleChild born on Bugum Festival day. Commemorates teh search for the first son (Zuu) if a Ya Naa underscoring the significance of the first sons of Dagbon.
AsuroSame as Bisuro"
AzimaUnisexFriday born. Common in most mole-dagbon language speakers. Similar to Azumah.
AzimpagaFemaleFriday born
AzindowMaleFriday born.
BaakoMalepraise name for the Arabic name Alhassan. -see kari kari baako
BaangaMalePraise singer
BadimsuguruUnisexHave patience. This is a name more common in other mole-dagbon linguistic groups such as Mamprussi and Kusasi.
BalminiFemaleMeaning pending

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